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Information - Scottish Country Dancing Etiquette

From time to time it seems necessary to remind ourselves of Scottish Country Dance Attire and Etiquette. The following are excerpts from the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Annual Newsletter:


As sets form on the dance floor it is polite to join towards the bottom of the set. Please do NOT join from the top where the set has already formed. At social dances the first man is expected to number the sets and ensure all sets are complete. Remember, always join from the end of a set and do not storm out on the floor. It is polite and appropriate to lead the lady on to the floor.

Warm Up

Please try not to miss the warm-up period before dancing class. It serves two purposes: to improve technique and prevent muscle injury. If you miss the warm-up you should do some foot and leg stretching on the sidelines.

Dance Attire

For comfort and ease of movements, ladies should wear a reasonable wide skirt. To enhance the elegance and beauty of Scottish dancing, skirts should be worn at all classes rather than pants or leggings. All should wear recognized dance shoes, Ghillies´ or ballet style pumps. It is impossible to achieve any kind of step accuracy in shoes, which have no flexibility.